take my hand and run with me
"true love will triumph in the end - wich may or may not be a lie, but if it is a lie, then it's the most beautiful lie we have."


If you ever wondered, I’m still alive! 

I’m doing super fine at school and i’m getting ready for my college entrance exam. 

Since I don’t have a lot of time to get online as I used to, I don’t follow the k-pop updates and news, not even the music comebacks, new groups, etc. And to be honest now I’m a directioner. Haha, just kidding. But that’s the truth. I’m super focused in my professional life. I still listen to Shinee and Bigbang once in a while though.

The thing is, they gave really, really good memories and It’s sad to abandon this blog and just leave like this. I looked up for people to give care for this blog, make it theirs. So this is an ultimatum. If I don’t find someone who can really take care of this blog and love it and make it their own, I’m going to shut it down in December, 31. It doesn’t have million of followers. But it does have 50,000+ posts and has been years online. So yeah. It’s all up to you guys. Hope you’re doing amazing just like me. Don’t you ever say I just walked away I will always love you guys (shout out to miley cyrus lol!) 

Lots of love, 

Jay x :) 

Hey guys. 

I’m pretty sure half of you, forgot about me already.

But dudes, it’s just that i don’t have time. I’m preparing my exam for my entrance to college 


I’m gonna give away this tumblr. Who wants it? 

It doesn’t have a big amount of followers, but still, has more than 50,000 posts. 

If nobody wants it, I’m gonna close it because it hurt me not use it. 

“why so serious?”

“why so serious?”

Key NG-ed because he was about to sneeze

They should invent wifi bracelets, so you can wear them anywhere and have wifi connection.





People send their kids to school, kids get shot. 

People watch batman, they get shot.

People run marathons for charity, they get bombed. 

Where is the innocence in the world, is there even good left in us?

Teacher sacrifices her life to save children.

Hollywood cancels premiere and Christian Bale goes to honor victims. 

People rush to donate their own blood to help out. 

Of course there’s bad in the world, but it doesn’t necessarily outweigh the good.